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High water pressure from the mains shared by other houses

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Jackie_2 20 Jan 2011
techinically who is responsible if the water pressure is too great coming from the mains shared by other houses, my house is the end of terrace we have turned the mains off from outside and did what was suggested but we are getting such pressure the water continues to flow even though the tap is off and i dont mean dripping cos then id know it was the tap someone help , meanwhile i have a airlock in my hot water tap

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gices 23 Aug 2011
Does that happen with all the taps in your house. Seems a bit strange that the water keeps flowing if you have turned off the main. If you leave it for 10 mins, do you still get water flowing out even with the mains closed? Just checking to see whether this is not caused by the tap draining the existing water from the pipes.