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No cold water at all

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bernielawrance 26 Mar 2015

We have a private water supply, the farmer 'ploughed' our water pipe!! He has replaced the pipe, water now enters the house, both hot & cold tanks have filled.
However we are getting no cold water through any taps or cisterns, hot is fine through everything.
Could this be an airlock?
How can I solve this? we obviously only have a gravity fed system, and before anyone asks... YES I have checked EVERY stopcock/gate valve, I only turned one off, but I have checked them all

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bernielawrance 26 Mar 2015

Sorted it (mostly) using a tip from elsewhere on here, blocked the mixer tap, had cold on then opened the hot forcing hot back through the cold pipes, after a minute or so the cold started running.

Just 2 taps and 2 toilets left to fix