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airlock in pipes running from a shower pump

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Keith_Benjamin 05 Aug 2013

I have just fitted a new shower pump (everything was fine until the pump went, no problems to report) more or less the same pump as before. Now I have a continous air lock in the out let supply pipes to the shower/taps in my loft bathroom, so the pump is not detecting demand for water. There is more than enough supply pressure of 1 ltr/min going in. No matter how I configure the outlet pipes to minimise on 90 degree bends, I cant seem to get rid of the airlocks. The pump works fine as you can trick it by placing a magnet in front of the flow sensor switch to make it it think there is a demand for water. Any other tips?

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gices 06 Aug 2013

Have you checked there's no loose fittings in the pump? Many times that's where the problem comes from.

Once you've done that, take off the shower head in your loft's bathroom, turn on the cold water and suck on the hose to get rid of any air lock.

See if that works.